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Solid wood bathroom ark brand agent, manufacturer support to open a shop

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-13

Solid wood bathroom ark brand agent, is now building materials market unusually hot project, because with the improvement of people's living quality, the bathroom ark became each family essential toiletries. However, solid wood bathroom cabinet manufacturer and brand so much, agent a good brand, to emerge in the homogeneity of the market. In recent years, an annual increase of appollo agent + 100, the more solid wood bathroom ark brand dealers agent choice appollo, have the following five big advantage. 

1, product design, accord with the present mainstream young consumers bathroom cabinet as the leading role of toilet decorates, already is no longer satisfied simply wash and dress. appollo emphasises the smart, fashion, personality, closer to the modern young consumers demand such as makeup, receive. 

2, high quality, nearly 20 years has been focused on household areas the company was founded in 1996,. '' is domestic and international numerous appliances, cabinets, wardrobe, bathroom, real estate and other hardware core partners. appollo bathroom ark adopts piano level 9 floor board, hardware from its high-end hardware, for the dealer provide a high quality solid wood bathroom ark brand agent.

 3, custom advantages, to provide one-stop full who customize appollo was clean network as a whole who customize in ten big brands, in addition to the custom changed advantages of bathroom ark, products also covers the shower room, toilet, shower, bath, hardware such as whole sanitary ware who all customization. The company has introduced the automatic production line, customized cycle shorter, meet the increasing market demand. 

4, brand advantage, online brand solid wood bathroom ark brand agent, in addition to the product itself, the brand is also on the one hand. In the Internet age, the appollo is not only in the line of high-speed railway, highway, airport, such as layout of the brand advertising, online also has 9 years of experience in electricity, also gradually realized the combination of online mode, online to offline dealers drainage entity shop. 

5, face to face with the headquarters terminal support for appollo agent to provide free store design, storefront renovation subsidies, opening event planning, personnel training and so on nine big support. Headquarters sent to ground support face to face. Solid wood bathroom ark brand agent, choose good brand, let your little detours. Online message, investment managers to provide professional consultation to you, get detailed product information. Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo's official website

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