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Solid wood bathroom ark is easy to crack? sanitary ware the procedure to overcome crack problem

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-13

Shenyang Mr Zhang has just installed solid wood bathroom ark is less than 3 months to crack, is not to find businesses compensation, solid wood bathroom ark craze is not quality problem. Believe that many consumers are like Mr Zhang, had solid wood bathroom ark craze after difficult. 

 So the question comes, solid wood bathroom ark why easy to crack? Is there any way to avoid solid wood bathroom ark craze? Solid wood bathroom ark cracking reason mainly has three aspects. First, the fibrous structure of wood, wood itself is easy craze, which is a natural phenomenon. Second, the real wood in drying process, moisture content control is not good, there will be a cracking or deformation. Third, the use of the environment of solid wood bathroom cabinet, drying, extremely cold, under the sun, and so on and so forth are easy to result in the crack of the solid wood bathroom ark. 

 This shows, like Mr Zhang, solid wood bathroom ark craze is quality problem, do not judge. Some of them are belong to the improper use of solid wood bathroom ark, but also some belong to solid wood bathroom ark itself caused by quality and manufacturing process. From the bathroom cabinet manufacturing technology to avoid cracking, nor there is no way, as a high-end integrated bathroom manufacturers, the Appollo through the use of advanced production technology, effectively overcome the solid wood bathroom ark cracking problems. First of all, to improve the wood fiber easy to cracking. Aimed at the phenomenon of real wood is easy to crack, Appollo sanitary ware, from the perspective of the material, selection of imported high quality logs, change traditional the entire piece of log sheet as a practice, but the logs into 10 - 30 mm thick boards, specially cross bonding and high temperature and high pressure, from the physical structure to overcome the shortcomings of real wood is easy to crack. Secondly, on the production process to improve. 

 Solid wood bathroom ark easily cracking is very important, the internal moisture content control. Appollo each real wood plank after 13 balance drying, degreasing process, after 128 cold pressing, hot pressing, and curing process, is the process will be solid wood lumber moisture content is strictly controlled in a reasonable range, avoid because of the moisture content is too high or too low lead to crack or deformation. 13 balance drying, degreasing treatment 128 cold pressing, hot pressing and curing process in the northern region, solid wood bathroom ark cracking problem is especially serious, because the season is about to start heating, heating makes the indoor air is dry, is not only the bathroom ark, other solid wood furniture is easy to crack. 

 For this reason, the solid wood bathroom ark is not good sales in north China, but the Appollo sanitary ware in northern cities such as Harbin, multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark generally loved by consumers and become the best selling goods instead, thanks to effectively overcome the bathroom ark cracking problems.

 In many bathroom ark material, solid wood bathroom cabinet has always been the most popular with consumers, and solid wood bathroom ark easy cracking and worry to many consumers. Appollo overcome solid wood bathroom ark cracking problem that defend bath, let more consumers like solid wood bathroom cabinet, no longer worry about solid wood bathroom ark craze, has greatly improved people's quality of life. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware official website
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