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Sorching summer, how should shower room for maintenance work? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
The use frequency of shower room is quite high in summer, usually a family queue for bathing, for a long time under high temperature and wet environment will become more bacteria, therefore, we need to maintenance and maintenance, to avoid breeding ground for bacteria to cause trouble to our body health. So, how should maintain? A, in a timely manner to wipe shower room metope and ground after each shower, shower room metope and ground leaves a lot of water, waiting for the whole family after a shower, should be timely to wipe metope and ground, avoid moisture for a long period of time, lead to ceramic tile juncture place prone to mildew, once there is a gap between one and ceramic tile ceramic tile, the worm is easy to develop. If the bathroom space is large, wipe to save time, can install or use the shower curtain shower room space of dry wet depart. Second, showers, hydrants weekly needs cleaning at the time of bath shower and faucet often stick to a bath dew, shampoo, etc. , these catharsis things will make chrome plated surface without burnish. If the special cleaning once a week, not only can protect the new, still can prolong service life. If not timely cleaning, may cause bacteria breeding. Flower is aspersed cleaning according to the structure and function of the flower is aspersed itself to determine how to clean, some brands of flower is aspersed when selling is equipped with a special flower is aspersed head open tool, remove the more convenient. After completes the above step 2, the most important thing is to let the shower room ventilated breathe freely, so keep the dry degree of shower room, has a certain inhibition for the growth of bacteria.
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