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Steam shower room can replace a sauna you know? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Came home from work every day is tired, can relax yourself in the bathroom is a very happy thing, but if in the home to install steam shower room is a kind of enjoyment, steam room can not only meet the requirements of the shower, also played the treatment of insomnia, eliminate fatigue, the effect such as spot beauty, then what is the difference between steam shower room with a sauna? Steam shower room can spot beauty tender skin, can be heat permeates our skin of the lower organizations, kill bacteria, remove excess dead skin and fat, activate the body's self-healing function, so as to achieve whitening skin, wrinkles, and drying effect. Steam shower room and invigorate the circulation of the pain, removing blood stasis and have very good effect on rheumatism, cooperate with the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to use effect is better. Also called khan steam room, sauna room traditional sauna is used to burn the mineral stone and then in the above water to produce steam, and the modern is the effect of using far-infrared and negative ions to sauna, sauna with weight loss, rheumatism, detoxification and other effects, are popular with everyone. Steam shower room is wet steam room, sauna room is dry steam room, what is the difference between the two? Heating mode, steam shower room is through the high temperature heat water into the room again. And sauna room is heating equipment can go directly to the heating electricity utilization and then release the heat makes the temperature rising in the room. Temperature humidity, normal temperature is 70 degrees Celsius, a sauna and steam shower room temperature is lower, generally under 54 degrees Celsius. Steam shower room temperature is very low, but the humidity is one hundred percent, and sauna room, sauna room humidity is around forty percent. Use effect is different, the sauna room is dry steam room, not contained in the water, especially suitable for patients with rheumatism, steamed up the nose will be more comfortable, but the disadvantage is that the skin will be relatively dry, so to add moisture. Steam shower room is wet steam room, most women will choose wet steam, for steam can make skin smooth, watery.
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