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Still worry about shower room clean and you will come and see

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
About now most families have a shower room, if there is no time and proper maintenance, their life will not only cut, there will be a safety hazard. By ten big brand shower room below - — Shower room to teach you how to go ahead with shower room cleaning. Wash basin of the walls and the bottom of shower room, please use soft dry cloth. If there is a slight dirt, it must be with a soft cloth or sponge neutral detergent for cleaning, in eradicating dirties, best use alcohol wipe out. Shower room cleaning way 1: pour a small amount of shampoo into basin, stir evenly, dip in with dishcloth take, so can make the glass door is clean and bright. Shower room cleaning method 2: grey water may be coated on the glass door advance chalk gypsum powder, after being dry glass, scrub with dry dishcloth directly, can remove the stains, wipe clean glass. Shower room cleaning solution 3: old dirt on accumulation in glass door, half half when cleaning can be cool to add water to make, is placed within the watering can, and then onto the glass, and then wiped clean with old newspapers quietly. Shower room cleaning method 4: accidental glass door will have black mottled, then can swab with cloth dipped in toothpaste. Shower room cleaning way 5: use the wet cloth can cling film and spray detergent to often oily glass door 'regain rebirth'. First, all glass spray cleaner, with plastic wrap, solidifying oil to soften. After ten minutes, removing the plastic wrap, then scrub with wet cloth. Shower room cleaning way 6: mirror is stained with oil, cloth are available, and take tea wash, but don't let the marginal or bottom water seepage to the mirror, avoid damage to the mirror opposite of coating. Also can dip in with soft cloth or gauze, some of kerosene or scrub, wax must not direct scrub with wet cloth, otherwise lens face will become increasingly blurred. Shower room cleaning way 7: no toothpaste frosted glass cleaning, there are all kinds of patterns of frosted glass, ground glass is also very like it, but to clean up also is compared to a piece of work. Want to clean the striped frosted glass, can use a toothbrush, dip in on cleaner, perhaps no toothpaste, washing besmirch, stain thoroughly can be removed. Can't use of fluoride toothpaste because of fluorine can damage of toughened glass. Please do not use these items for cleaning: acidic, alkaline solution, drugs ( Such as hydrochloric acid) , acetone thinner solvents, such as household cleanser, etc. , otherwise can cause bad effects to the human body, and present some bad situation will cause the shower room. Toughened glass shower room the consolidation degree of the former is superior to the ordinary glass, but if use undeserved or short maintenance protection, also can have burst, the risk of breakage.
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