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- style series brand shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Do you like the feel of a shower? Do you worry about shower wet toilet on the ground? Now can be divided into independent space that wash bath, shower room no longer need to worry about the shower water splashed out, since the installation of shower house toilet can save a lot of space, can decorate things that defend bath more position. Now many families install the shower room, shower room brand in the market has a lot of, and shower room design also many, all kinds of consumers should be how to choose, that you have heard of shower room is brand? Shower room factory tell you style shower room series brand? Is shower room ten big brand, each kind of shower room is through a number of professionals meticulously, each piece of material including hardware, hinges, pulleys, toughened glass are multiple measurement procedures tested, such as the use of safety and water proofing property is reach a certain standard. Now many consumers do not know how to choose the shower room, so I will give you recommend a simple shower room style series, is one of the shower room products. Shower room style series features have? ( 1) The precision of SUS304 stainless steel hinge structure, elegant design and practical. ( 2) With fixed door is made of the organ strip, completely sealed, never slack. ( 3) Wall around before and after the clamp can adjust, flexible. ( 4) Aluminum alloy substrate fixed glass, glue sealing, have the effect of free glass glue and protection. ( 5) Humanization lever wall design, simple and practical the beauty is generous.
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