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Summer bathing frequent accident, it is safe to what kind of bathroom?

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-01
In the summer, in addition to air conditioning room bathroom should be a comfortable place in the home, but the bathroom use frequency is higher, the greater the chance of safe hidden trouble, come back from work and oily, take a bath in; Finish up a sweat, yoga in a shower; Shall be conducted in the bathroom, if one does not pay attention to safety problems, bad or yourself ah. Appollo sanitary ware is below and talk to you, which need to pay attention to safety in the bathroom.

a, prevent slippery

the bathroom floor will inevitably carry water when bathing, use after bath or soap, the ground is wet and slippery, easy to feet slip. And once fell on the floor tile of rigid ground, it is easy to fracture. This requires that we need in decorating, prevent slippery floor tile on the shop, to prevent out of the bath or shower, after a slip. If still like marble qualitative material, we suggest do special security processing on the surface, such as sand or texture staggered manner, can help prevent slippery effect. In addition, some families in the space that defend bath dry wet border area, to place a towel to dry your feet. We suggest you can choose and buy a piece of carpet with water, take away the moisture on the feet, to avoid slide an accident outside the bathroom.

2, prevent dizziness

for more frail elderly, children, pregnant women, high temperature, water vapor in the bathroom, and the temperature of summer is hot, but also contributed to the bathroom the rise of temperature. In this case, the bath midway vertigo is easy to occur. And after the dizziness, the person's first reaction is to find something to hold the. Consequently, the installation of safety armrest is very necessary. The armrest of security is usually installed for the elderly and children, can share to use more convenient, but to be on the safe side, we suggest to families in need can install, because I don't know when will fall in the space that defend bath.

3, anti-scald

in the hot summer sweat after take a shower, it is very comfortable, but if you don't pay attention to the high and low temperature, is easy to burn, the shower is hot water burns and scalds is risk for adults and children. We can install Appollo intelligent thermostatic shower that defend bath, bath control in 38 ℃, security against the hot. At the same time, give children a bath, be sure to double-check the temperature of the bath, to avoid scald children, with the elbow heat than with your fingers or the palm more convenient.

4, prevent to get an electric shock the

bathroom water vapor is more, line for sealing waterproofing and insulation treatment, must pass a hung tin wire tapping processing, and put on waterproof tape and insulating tape, switch and socket must wear 'moistureproof cap'. And electricity water heater to take a bath, also need to avoid the bathwater charged. Ground charged and environment charged or other electrical leakage, if someone in the bath, and electric water heater does not have the function of electric protection wall, it's easy to take a shower to get an electric shock risk.
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