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Tailor, shower room - customize your own life

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
With the improving of the people life taste, more and more demands of the space that defend bath, shower room is in a living space, the space that defend bath is people to release the pressure, loosen body and mind, after complete the tedious job back home, can be in the space that defend bath wash all day tired and upset. Modern design and contemporary design in the field of design has a different meaning. According to the size of the toilet, please choose the suitable shower room products. Large space can be a consideration from the Angle of comfortable, comfortable shower, have a variety of selective, and the small space is to make full use of the area, to choose some don't take a place of push-pull open within the design and design for well, combining with the high-quality goods shelf, to make full use of space, also should consider when choosing the style the collocation of the overall effect, shower and toilet selected shapes ( Such as circular or square) Should be the shape of the basin that wash a face and toilet as far as possible to coordinate, reasonable layout to create a relaxed environment, a good shower room can let us enjoy the shower of pleasant sensation, also can avoid dirty water spill caused often do cleaning trival, so on the premise of have heat preservation function, more should pay attention to dry wet distinguish effect. Professional production of shower room series, meticulously in humanized design, water tightness enough to ensure you the bathroom dry wet distinguish for your bathroom life increases the appearance of ours! So, the contemporary design of shower room and design now? Modern design, namely the modernistic design, often referred to as functional design, also known as technical beauty, art or machine. Standard specifications of shower room area is in commonly 90 cm or more, so as to guarantee in the shower body has enough space for all kinds of body movements. With round or half arc shower room can be relatively save space, if placed in the shower room with another items, there is a more ideal shelf, so you can put in collection of toiletries, let surface appear clean and orderly. Contemporary design concept is still gives priority to tone with pure color, widespread use of white and lemon, look clean and be full of vitality. Smaller space that defend bath, although need not the pursuit of luxury, but also need to meet the basic requirements and at the same time, complete the aesthetic temperament and interest. Calculate the area of between wei yu is not very big, also can design very chic. The clever use of the bathroom area partition and separate shower area, fully demonstrated the neat and orderly, between wei yu on the space to use more flexible and the application of compact waterproof wooden floor reflected the nature of whole toilet, generous. The design of the space that defend bath is not with the method of single flower is aspersed, instead of shower room, break down, into a new kind of enjoyment, become people to enjoy a shower the new way of culture. So, make the space design of shower room, is to enjoy a comfortable life!
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