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The bathroom ark industry prospects?

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-06
Economic downward pressure led to the development of the whole market started difficult, survival pressure is more self-evident, as consumer market gradually be suppressed, the bathroom ark price decline gradually, lead to many manufacturers in the production are cutting corners, thus increasing the bathroom ark industry survival pressure. The bathroom ark industry prospects? Appollo defending bath of simple to talk about.

1, the improvement of yield and quality bathroom ark

industry chaos, the phenomenon of surface is bad, but its essence, is the lack of actual style of performance. A lucrative opportunity, enterprises are surging up; Lack of industry competitiveness, and reduce the quality, and the use of price in quantity and harm the rights of consumers, the development of the industry which is restricted and crisis.

2, style design must be simple and easy rather than flashy

bathroom ark as durable consumer goods, instead of FMCG. The predominant thought that the design should be walking on the 'practical, simple and generous', rather than increase many 'eye candy' elements.

3, the bathroom ark new material reference

the bathroom GuiZhu with base material: oak, sandwich plate, density board, ecological board, PVC foam board, wood and plastic board, etc. , the base material, high cost and practical for PVC foam board, but many manufacturers in order to reduce costs, have been reduced PVC foam board density, causing the main cabinet put oneself in another's position is easily damaged.

base material is the foundation of a stable quality of bathroom cabinet, such as in this not change ideas, devotion to the price, the bathroom ark industry will enter once 'glass bowl. Ceramic bowl as main bathroom cabinet mesa is used currently, is still the problem, in pursuit of the price, now the quality of the cone head compared with two years ago, quality decline too much, crack, mending, leaking, uneven and so on question too much. Around the thinking of 'practical, durable, can add glass, marble, microcrystalline materials, improved. Paint as bathroom ark outside the main coating, paint is not smooth, not resistant to delimit, prone to yellow has gradually appeared, such as 'wenqi' in base material overlaying materials such as acrylic, leather can be solve the effect of the paint can not be achieved.

4, the long-term development of the enterprise development should not be too care about the price is the key points of the

the healthy development of an industry, cannot leave a reasonable profit support, the development of the enterprise, if does not have enough funding, talk about He Xinpin research and development, but the use of new materials, stable quality, standardized operations is the future direction of China's manufacturing industry.

', for the price of a cargo, 'truth who all understand, manufacturers and vendors blindly down the price at the same time, will only bring shoddy price optimal result, the development of the industry there will be no future. Here only expect broad counterparts that defend bath, don't be too care about the price, because your business is a long-term stability.
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