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The bathroom ark spirit appearance level

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-07
With the improvement of living standards now

people is higher and higher demand for toilet decorate also

the decoration is good, the toilet will know

today we recommend a few fairy appearance level of bathroom ark


the wipe red hot

watch carefully, not dazzling but always can let a person,

but she did not make public can always stand out,

like the quality of the Chinese - — Rich, moist, low-key


vigor coral orange

living coral orange derived from the color of the coral in the bottom of the sea,

a little golden, belongs to the orange color is,

but think than and orange, and more gentle,

and than red, and more quiet, give a person the sense of positive clear visual effect.


it's warm yellow

yellow is the color of sunlight,

it can make your bathroom bright open,

with gentle features,

golden warm.


exuberant idyll

green is derived from the color of nature,

has exuberant vitality feeling, give a person the sense with hope.

will be green in the sanitary ware can create or rural or pure and fresh atmosphere.

bamboo grain kind of natural element,

combined with modern technology fine grinding,

refinement and meticulous, contain is worn the postmodern contracted and artistic aesthetic feeling,

foil gives the peace and warmth of life.


senior ash

senior ash

it is an elegant color, a symbol of fashion

it is not strong and not dazzling, composed of power for the people of low profile,

in household, toilet will be widely used, it is elegant and tidy.


new Chinese senior brown

a softer feeling every city purple,

gaze, who missed in the shake down a tree?

new Chinese style wood brown give a person low-key costly feeling

each party to save the design can become a classic

mysterious, elegant, noble. 。 。 。 Make people linger

? High levels of appearance and the bathroom is let you to fill Eng wind, in the home to decorate friends can refer to oh.
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