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The characteristics of the in-depth analysis of shower room laminated glass -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
Laminated glass high-end market has dominated the shower room, shower room as part of the brand promotion of the new shower room products, laminated glass of shower room is also starting to gain visibly, is becoming more and more popular. So, what exactly is laminated glass, its application in the field of shower room is what will bring consumers? Laminated glass of shower room features from the aspects of material, safety, energy saving three to explain. The material. Laminated glass is two or several pieces of float glass sandwiching in very tough PVB ( Vinyl polymer butyrate) Film, via hot-press pressure consolidation among discharge air as much as possible, and then placed in high pressure steam kettle using high temperature and high pressure to the remnants of a small amount of air into the film. High requirements for the convenience of clients and designers and can provide a variety of PVB film for customers to choose from. Commonly used PVB film thickness: 0. 38mm,0. 76mm,1. 14mm,1. 52 mm, wet glue method is suitable for curved tempered laminated glass processing. Security. Laminated safety glass is high, because it is the middle layer of the membrane was tough and strong adhesion, hit after damage is not easy to have been through, not shedding debris, and corneal tightly together. Compared with other glass, shock resistance, anti-theft, bulletproof, explosion-proof performance. Laminated tempered glass of the compressive strength and impact resistance are as 5 times as the ordinary tempered glass, glass break even after single or double glass fragments will be firmly in the PVB film in laminated safety glass, the whole piece of broken glass stand in situ, broken glass still maintain clean and smooth surface, do not move, not shedding more scattered on the ground, won't cause harm to people or objects around. Energy saving. Between membrane layer can reduce the solar radiation, prevent the loss of source can, can save the electricity consumption of air conditioning, the middle of sound sonic vibration cushion products, so as to achieve sound insulation effect. Middle layer can block ninety-nine percent of the ultraviolet ray, delay the indoor furniture faded the curtains. Increase the structure of the aesthetic appearance. Therefore, laminated glass of shower room consumer safety guarantee of the highest, consumers' demand and become future market development trends of shower room.
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