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The choose and buy brand shower room, the best from these points laid hands on him! - - - - - -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
Shower room with space saving, dry wet depart, and the advantages of heat preservation, adornment sex is strong, each brand has its own positioning and style, it is difficult to segment out which is the best brand shower room, but the market price difference is not big, of the same kind of shower room from appearance, as a novice and cannot see what is the difference. There were many decided to offer the elements of shower room, shower room before the choose and buy, we should first understand the following questions. Shower room function in general, shower room glass, profiles framework, hardware accessories, such as components, including high-end shower room and computer temperature control, sauna, massage, and other functions. As for the choice of which, mainly on the basis of master be fond of. The design is the appearance of shower room of shower room basically has fan type and rectangular, circular, diamond, chassis shape change, grinding tool cost is higher, the higher the shower room quotation will follow. The lumber the profiles of shower room of shower room structure for aluminum alloy material, wall thickness design generally cannot be lower than 1. 5mm。 The glass of shower room mainly general toughened glass, water ripple of toughened glass and toughened glass cloth, the thickness of the glass has a 10 mm / 6 mm / 8 mm, different thickness of glass is suitable for different models. Special color of glass in the production of high technical requirements, price is relatively higher. During the shower room of choose and buy must check the quality of its hardware fittings used, due to humidity range for a long time, the corrosion resistance of parts need to be a good material. The door of shower room door with circular arc door of shower room, corner door, folding door, sliding door, to open the door, the space that defend bath, can according to different family all aspects of non-standard custom. When choosing shower room is also look at the following four aspects: the door is open and close freely; Shower room space is enough, can rotate freely; Floor drain is smooth, easy to clean water; Seal to see if there is a shower room ventilation equipment.
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