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The choose and buy high quality shower room, choose - your quality of life

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
Now, pay attention to the quality of life of people is becoming more and more pay attention to the life that defend bath, shower room and began to gradually into every family. Shower room can save a space, make toilet do orderly, make whole space dry wet depart, also ensure the bath is warm in winter. The various types of shower room is available in the market, the brand is numerous, consumer is when the choose and buy to avoid confusion. Shower room the choose and buy of the brand need to consider from the bath room to functional material, material on the main is to look at the glass of shower room, turf quality and hardware quality. 1, the glass of shower room for toughened glass, the thickness of 6 - It is advisable to 10 mm. Common glass is too thin, poor quality of the toughened glass is an explosion. 2, the skeleton of shower room is aluminium alloy, generally in more than 5 mm thickness is out of shape not easily. 3 ball bearing to be flexible, shower room, the door of the rev. Convenient and lightweight, soft handle. The sealing strip of shower room should not be a breakpoint in the hinge, door sealing strip between should have magnetic, water retaining performance will be better. 4, the overall shower room is chassis zoning cylinder basin of high and low two kinds. Can sit with cylinder type, suitable for families with old person or child in the home. 5, push-pull type shower room, sliding door slides easy fouling or falls into hard objects, not easy to clean, make the door switch will not free and cause damage. In addition, according to the Angle of shower room in into the way points to enter or single enter type, large Angle to enter type characteristics can be expanded usage, you can better use of limited bathroom area. Square diagonal shape, arc spray, diamond-shaped shower room is such, is to apply more style. When the shape of the shower room of choose and buy to refer to the size and direction of toilet, make reasonable use a space. Nowadays, most young people like to choose translucent shower room, but more traditional conservative in old people's preference for fabric or opaque shower room, so the choose and buy of shower room is also need to consider the family's preference.
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