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The choose and buy high quality shower room have any good tips? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
More and more families choose installation shower in the bathroom, because the shower room can effectively achieve the result of dry wet depart, and there will be better in the winter warmth, more conducive to create independent space that wash bath and shower room. Just a lot of people don't know how to choose and buy when decorating of shower room, today small make up to introduce what is the shower room of choose and buy, help you to improve the quality of independent shower. One, the shower room of choose and buy ti - — With cylinder high vs. low basins usually see shower room types on the market with high basin and bottom cylinder two kinds, the former can take people, children, older people use rise more convenient, and can also be a crock of multi-purpose, but cleaning is in trouble; The latter is relatively simple, and the price is affordable. We can according to need and economic capacity to buy. Second, the shower room of choose and buy ti - — See shower room glass and aluminum are generally use glass shower room, we at the time of shower room glass of choose and buy must pay attention to the glass appear a gender, good glass should not have miscellaneous points and bubble phenomenon. And if so, then the glass material quality, may also manufacture craft is not very well. When the choose and buy should check the glass glass on the presence of 3 c logo, have authentication marks is the echo of the provisions of the state. In addition to the glass and aluminum materials, want to hardness testing of the hardness of aluminum, try to choose high hardness of aluminum products, so as to ensure the safety of the shower room of the bath. Third, the choose and buy shower room move - — Plate must be environmental protection mainly used to plate is acrylic, acrylic material judgment is very important. On the market some of the poor quality of acrylic sheet will be used to glass wool, which contains formaldehyde can cause serious health problems to the human body. Judgment method is very simple, see inside shower room, on the back of the compound yakeli board and face are different, coarser. Some yakeli board use time is too long can produce discoloration, some tiny crack. Different brands of the main factors of the price difference of shower room is the different plates.
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