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The choose and buy is suitable for the shower room from which aspects -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
For now, many people will choose a shower room to enjoy the unique shower experience. And many people are still not enough understanding about the shower room, shower room is very dilettante when the choose and buy, therefore, don't know where to start. So sure to share the following this article can bring help to such a person, hope to be able to choose and buy to a suitable quality shower room. How to choose the shower room, we can from the following several aspects: first, the glass shower room glass should be tempered glass, but there are 3 ‰ of the explosive rate toughened glass, glass is not so explosive itself quality problem, but still want to quit. Choose a big manufacturer of professional consumer glass toughened glass, then do not choose showed inferior shower room products, be sure to check for 3 c toughened glass on standard certification, there will be some glass explosion-proof marks. In order to you and your family safe, must be careful. Because in the use of shower room, we are 'relative' naked, once the inferior shower room since the explosion accident happened, will imagine how security threats to human body, so must choose and buy in the well-known brand shower room. Such as top ten brand of shower room, shower room of toughened glass is achieved through national 3 c certification and the European BS6206 car class completely tempered safety glass, impact resistance is strong, uniform toughened, high safety coefficient. Second, the framework material of common shower room frame of aluminum alloy, stainless steel two kinds of material, stainless steel with 304 stainless steel is preferred, aluminum alloy to appearance and smooth, no color difference, surface brightness. Three, the hinge pulley if choose to move the door, to look at the material of the pulley and slippery degrees; If choose, is sliding door, hinge and copper and stainless steel two match well. Four, the sealing shower room by sealing strip to avoid the water leakage and water vapor, sealing quality has also affected the warmth retention property of shower room. Common seal has a transparent plastic sealing strip, shower room better similar refrigerator seals, the structure of the organ type sealing is good. While in terms of sealing strip, adopted independent formula of sealing strip. Sealing strong, long service life, convenient and clean. China's top ten of the world's most prestigious brand shower room - — Shower room, is a set design, development, production and sales of high quality shower room and accessory products for the integration of modern large-scale production enterprises; Owns advanced equipment and the modernization of raw products of glass, metal processing production line, has 18000 square meters of industrial plant production base; Products strict implementation of ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification, strong design team, at the same time, extensive cooperation with domestic and international relevant research institutes, in product appearance, structure, and other fields to achieve innovation breakthrough, has made the product more than 20 patents of production shower room, shower room industry leads to a whole new level.
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