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The choose and buy must pay attention to some matters - shower panel

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
1, the structure can be divided into a box, half wu kuang wu kuang and three: ( 1) A box: the metal is mainly for aluminium alloy or stainless steel material, plate is toughened glass or PS ( Polystyrene, Polystyrene) Material, when the choose and buy needs to pay attention to whether or not the surface scratch, junction box if closed, the casing outside the above any finishing plastic or metal plate, whether the switch smoothly and directly influence the effect of waterproof door and brake piece between fire and the magnet design and so on. ( 2) Half a frameless: frame for aluminium alloy or stainless steel material, plate for toughened glass. ( 3) Wu kuang type: mainly by the hinge, clamp, shear and toughened glass, because its design for the different type, should be this design to the wall material and the vertical degree requirements higher, such as light or the whole bathroom compartment, such as in hinge fixed place with reinforcement design, namely can't install, or have a potential safety hazard. 2, toughened glass, ordinary people think is better than that of tempered glass, toughened glass is actually a misunderstanding. In the western countries called the former TenperedGlass or ToughenedGlass refers to all the same. Because of its strength decided to 4 ~ 5 times of general glass. But note that some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, using heat strengthened glass or tempered glass, Cost can be reduced to about 200 ~ 300 square) , its strength is common glass 1 ~ 2 times, the other as a result of the limitation of most manual factory production process, the density of the glass to reach uniform, easy to cause the natural condition of blowout, and its fracture with glass is not in general. Cannot be compared with the former. The glass shower door use need to reach the standard of safety glass, namely, by the impact, temperature difference and destructive test can be applied. In addition, the glass are usually considered as thick as possible, actually otherwise, as long as can pass the test of the former, the thin glass is advantageous to the product and the service life (instead The greater the burden of the heavier glass of pulleys and hinge) And security. In general, framed glass door adopt 3 ~ 5 mm toughened glass, glass is glass with 6 ~ 8 mm is enough. 3, surface treatment: general shower door frame material can be divided into the metal surface coating ( Powder or liquid) And electroplating, irrespective of the process for coating film thickness, hardness, brightness, degree of adhesion, and presence of through thick salt fog resistance and chemical testing, because its are in a bathroom at higher temperature and often use chemicals in it, so for metal surface treatment cannot treat STH lightly. 4, factory location and its after-sales service: if the shower room with economics perspective, for a durable goods, only it all needs to switch to use daily, in addition to the efforts in adults and children the screws and different, and is due to personal mood ups and downs of improper operation or habits lead to use fixed number of year cannot reach expected. However, mainly pulleys and shower door hinge switch, coupled with the combination of plastic products and hardware fittings, if the manufacturer or its agent to provide professional services to the product, believe that the group will not become the orphans of the bathroom shower room. 5, and the size of the type and specification: each bathroom specifications, size is differ, so when the choice, both objective and subjective factors to consider, in general, the way to open the door can be divided into horizontal pull open and folding. In addition, except the circumstances of a comparatively large shower space. Should avoid to use the folding, in order to avoid happen some accident in the shower, causes the door can't open, sorry to happen. Domestic at present good big brands like shower room, compared to metal material, glass, transparency, orbit design, joint treatment, etc, are detailed, beauty in Egypt ke has always been a domestic leading enterprise in the field of plumbing hardware, he the hardware of shower room is quite satisfactory, high cost performance. Shower panel must buy companies, good manufacturing equipment, advanced technology, and after-sales service have protection, countries allow standard of blowout of toughened glass shower room is 3/1000, not afraid of ten thousand afraid one thousand, small factory products won't give you solve the problem.
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