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The choose and buy the basic knowledge of shower room need to be aware of -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
Pay attention to the quality of life of people also began to pay attention to the life that defend bath, shower room was gradually began to enter in every family. Shower room can save a space not only, still can make toilet do orderly, let toilet do dry-wet distinguish, also ensures that the heat preservation problem of shower in winter. The shower room of styles on the market, the brand is more, consumer is when the choose and buy how to choose? Shower room style is numerous, general with symmetrical arc shape fan, square, diamond shape, etc. , as well as sliding door, folding door, etc. , into the way of divided into Angle to enter or single enter type, Angle of its biggest characteristic is to enter type can expand the usage, can also be very good use of the limited shower space, square, arc, diamond-shaped shower room is such, is the application more style, choose and buy the shape of shower room should also refer to the size of the toilet and direction. And most people like to choose and translucent shower room, but for more traditional old man will not accept, so when the choose and buy to also want to see the be fond of of the family. The main material of shower room is toughened glass, toughened glass quality difference particularly big, authentic toughened glass can vaguely see the surface pattern. If purchased with the function of steam shower room that should be focused on the steam engine and computer control panel, the function of steam shower room is the core of the steam engine and computer control plate, if not the steam engine, soon will appear problem, the computer control panel control all the functions of the shower room, if the computer version of the problem, the whole shower room cannot be used, all when the choose and buy, be sure to ask the steam engine and computer version of the warranty time.
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