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The choose and buy the latest popular shower room, still need to understand the knowledge -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
Both flat and a busy day, life always need a bit of sense of ritual. Similarly, when finish work need a comfortable bath, the preferred is still a shower room. For aspiring consumers, however, is to choose the new popular or classical feelings of shower room design? How to buy a high quality shower room also is very headache. The new shower room - — New car level of toughened glass quality without high quality glass, shower room to increase the security of shower room and explosion proof performance. Shower room USES the car completely tempered glass, glass, high purity toughened uniform particles, can greatly reduce the glass itself exists explosive rate. While maintaining the permeability of the new shower room to ensure the safety of the use of the user. The new shower room - — Super watertight sexual products adopt soft foam strip type and original water organ strip, smooth surface, the strip is very thick, can realize the shower room and metope, between door waterproof leakage, need not use glass glue also can achieve flexible use of fluent, the service life of the strip for several years, reduce replace the tedious. The new shower room - — Preferred brand patent products focus on the contemporary space that defend bath design custom, original classics, and continuous innovation in practice. Owns more than ten patent technology, not only for the world to create beautiful shower space, more families to provide warm service. The new shower room - — Attaches great importance to the profile technology and process in the production of shower room, the use of profile will directly affect the overall robustness of shower room. Products using high purity, high content of copper, manganese, zinc and 12 - hardness 14 degrees of aluminum alloy profiles. Has good corrosion resistance and toughness, colour and lustre bright-coloured after anodic oxidation. Aluminum thickness is usually 1. 5 - 3. 5 mm, special parts is uniform 5 mm. Therefore, its carrying capacity is strong, not easy to deformation.
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