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The cold air and double 叒 叕 came, in addition to wrapped tight cotton-padded jacket, and give them warm!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-04
Face the most afraid of the weather suddenly

the most afraid of suddenly cool care

the calm weather for a long time

may be brewing

a new round of climate change

b: yes, yes

cold air began to play the 'finish'

and the weather is cold, the product that defend bath in the home, pipeline, water purification machines wading products will face the risk of 'cold', especially when the temperature below zero, extremely easy to frost crack water components. Products once damaged, will not only affect the service life of the product, also has certain security hidden danger! So how to prevent? Please slide down left left left

sanitary article

1, the winter when the temperature below zero degrees Celsius between sanitary ware, toilet cistern water freezes easily. Can turn off the water valve, unscrew after remove drainage bolt, remnant water is put after drainage bolt tightening, otherwise it will cause leakage. Toilet defection curves will have water, available sponge cloth, pump sucked out water, so as to avoid the toilet for a long time without freezing frost crack;

2, toilet, in addition to the drainage, pour into antifreeze in the tank, or against the alcohol, salt in the water, can reduce the freezing point of water, also can effectively prevent frostbite;

3, the bathroom ark moisture mainly comes from the ground, hang a wall can reduce the degree of be affected with damp be affected with damp, wooden pillars is easy damaged, integral bathroom ark can choose metal pillar, easy to solve the trouble of be affected with damp be affected with damp antifreeze.

pipe article

1, the exposed pipe, the tap water installations, you can use the cotton plant, plastic wrap insulation foam;

2, cold weather, air temperature is below 0 °, can maintain drop slightly hold on faucets status or make water flow into the line, let water flow to prevent freezing;

3, if the home without water for a long time, please send the total, the valve closed and opened the tap water, emptying the pipe to prevent pipe frost crack and broken;

4, for the frozen pipes, water meter or faucet, can with blower, around 60 ° warm boiled water slowly pouring or hot towel apply repeatedly until thaw, cut can not be directly roasted with fire or blanching, lest make cracking or pipe, water meter, or tap.

water purification article

1, installed in the outdoor water purification machine: turn off the Angle valve, open the water faucet, the water drain as far as possible within the water purifier, and then close the water purifier power, or switching to indoor, below zero, water purification machine is strictly prohibited;

2, installed in the indoor water purification machine: must make the room temperature shall not be less than zero, because the water volume in the solidification process will expand, if ice, is likely to lead to pipe water purification machine bottle filter membrane shell in a blowout, which occurred leakage;

3, when you travel: turn off the Angle valve, open the water faucet, the water purifier water emptying as far as possible, then close the water purifier power;

4, the ice machine: must be placed at room temperature is higher than 10 degrees above the water purifier whole, natural thaw boot 48 hours rear can normal use.

that's warm warm tips, before it's hurry to the product to keep warm
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