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The core of shower room - — Pulley to appropriate the maintenance? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
After the shower room of choose and buy back, and not once and for all, proper maintenance work is important but also can prolong the service life of shower room. For an ordinary family, the shower room for periodic cleaning and maintenance work may be able to save the maintenance cost of shower room, especially the core of shower room - — The pulley. So how do you maintain the core of shower room to perfect? Below small make up to you to explain. Pulley is to ensure that the shower room to ensure normal operation, can definitely be called is the core of except of toughened glass. To a great extent, the service life of shower room is with the use of pulley block number have a close relationship. Block and tackle is under the whole piece of the gravity of toughened glass, so the quality must be superior, and has strong ability of bearing. Give you say a point, by the way: the security of toughened glass is not depends on the thickness, in addition to using the different shape is different thickness of the glass, but also to choose according to the quality of the pulley, we must pay attention to the point. How to use and maintenance of the pulley 1, push-pull type of shower room shower door, there are sliding block and sliding wheel in two ways. 2, pulley, slider in use should be noticed: ( 1) Gate is to avoid the collision force activities, so as not to cause a door off ( 2) Is pay attention to regular cleaning slippery course, pulley, slider, filling lubricant ( Lubricating oil and lubricating wax) ; ( 3) Is regularly adjust the slider of the adjusting screw, to ensure the effect of the slider to door sliding bearing and good. ( 4) Regular cleaning sundries in the orbit, otherwise it will seriously affect the daily use
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