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The daily maintenance of shower room how many ignored by you? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
Quality is a standard, but also need to later maintenance, cleaning and maintenance is also very important for shower room. Enjoy a comfortable shower after, need to pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, make integral shower room service life is longer. Maintenance of shower room, there are three main aspects, the cleaning and maintenance of toughened glass, aluminum alloy frame of cleaning and maintenance, hardware fittings cleaning and maintenance. 1. Toughened glass cleaning and maintenance: to avoid scratching the glass, affect the visual appearance of shower room, daily cleaning, general use soft dry cloth; If there is dirt, slight available neutral detergent, dirties cleaning with alcohol. Don't use sharp blow or hit the glass surface, so as to avoid failure; Don't use water class that day corrosive liquid to wipe the glass surface; Don't use coarse material wipe the glass surface, to avoid scratches. 2. Aluminum alloy framework of maintenance: first, to prevent sun point-blank sunlight; Second cannot wipe with corrosive liquid or material; The third cannot use coarse material ( Including toothpaste) Wipe the surface; The first four use sharp objects to depict surface. If the aluminum surface stains, wipe after washing clean dissolved in neutral water. 3. Hardware accessories maintenance: push-pull type shower door, generally USES the pulley and the handling of the orbit. Push-pull type shower room is in use process should pay attention to avoid collision force activities door, door so as not to cause activities fall off. Regularly clean orbit, to block filling lubricant ( Lubricating oil and lubricating wax) So as to ensure the shower room of push-pull process smoothly. Note: when clean shower room, please use soft dry cloth. If you have mild dirt, please use soft dry cloth or sponge neutral detergent for cleaning, when clearing dirties, please use alcohol to clear. The wrong method of use will knot a harmful effect on the human body, and easy to make the product appear some bad situation. Do not use to clean out the following items: acidic, alkaline solution, drugs ( Such as hydrochloric acid) , acetone thinner solvents, such as household cleanser, etc. , otherwise will have bad effect to human body, and cause products appear some bad situation.
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