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The difference between structure and material is good or bad - shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Shower room is a kind of unique is commonly used in modern household toilet bath center, because the material of shower room is different, its structure is different, so it also exist some differences in quality, so as consumers in the choose and buy when the shower room, how to distinguish the pros and cons of its quality? And the key from the structure and material used by considering fluctuation kongfu. 1, the structure of shower room can be divided into a box, half wu kuang wu kuang and type 3 kinds. ( 1) , box type shower room: this type of shower room is generally USES the framework of metal materials, metal framework mainly for aluminium alloy or stainless steel material, plate is toughened glass or polystyrene material, when the choose and buy whether there is a need to pay attention to the surface scratch, frame joint is closed, the casing outside the above have tied up plastic or metal plate, whether the switch is smooth, and so on. ( 2) , half a frameless shower room: frame is aluminum alloy or stainless steel material, plate for toughened glass. ( 3) , frameless shower room: mainly by the hinge, clamp, shear and toughened glass, because it is the different type design, so design for the wall material and the vertical degree requirements is higher. 2, the shape of shower room is usually symmetrical arc fan, there are square, diamond, etc. , to enter the way points with horns to enter or single enter type, Angle of the biggest characteristic is to enter type can expand the usage, you can better use of limited bathroom area, square diagonal shape, arc spray, diamond-shaped shower room is such, is to apply more style, choose and shape to refer to the size of the bathroom and shower room. 3, general shower room advocate material for toughened glass, toughened glass quality differences, authentic toughened glass carefully look at patterns have loomed, in order to to the quality of tempered glass of choose and buy, it is recommended that consumers still had better choose some brand companies to buy, because the glass shower room burst of case is more, its own use, or should pay attention to safety.
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