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The flower is aspersed water yield less? You just need to these three methods to solve -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
Night lie on the warm bed, there is nothing more than a comfortable bath can can make us tired body felt cheerful, when warm water gushed out from the flower is aspersed, slapping on skin, wash the fatigue of the day, it was a wonderful enjoyment! But can not always follow the 'bath', domestic water quality in general is known to all, flower is aspersed to use the time is long, it is easy to hide scale, scale will block the outlet of the flower is aspersed, slowly leads to smaller water yield not even out of the water, which affect the effect of the shower. That how to solve this problem? Small make up to sort out a few methods, you can try it! 1, with sharp objects directly with sewing needle or a toothpick into the scale plug holes, use a needle to punch the impurities, makes the scale on the inner wall of the drainage holes, fall off, until hole without impurities, and then wash with water. This method is the most direct, but be careful to stab the flower is aspersed hole oh. 2, the vinegar soak scale is made up of water accumulation carbonation, deal with scale can use acid to neutralize. Be especially careful when cleaning can't use strong acid ( It is best to use white vinegar) , lest cause corrosion to sprinkle the surface, the home of the vinegar is removing scale the favorable weapons. Will flower is aspersed full immersion in the vinegar, soak for several hours, as much as possible so that you can remove the shower head in scale. 3, removed with tooth brush if flower is aspersed is can adjust the size of the water, there should be a circle between software, close tightly, and then counterclockwise ( Or clockwise) , so should can tear open come down, and then gently with the toothbrush to brush off the inside of the scale, cleaning after the reload.
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