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The glass of shower room clean - as many people a headache problem

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Believe you for how to clean the glass shower room have a headache? The answer is yes, the emergence of shower room, changed the traditional bath habit, you slowly beginning to accept everyone began to gradually enjoy shower shower room fun as well as the benefits of the space that defend bath dry wet depart, but the only fly in the ointment is the glass shower room clean, because the glass not only directly affect beautiful, also is related to health problems. How clean the glass shower room? Small make up to collect the following some of the ways, the hope can help you. Regular clean with clear water. Inevitably on the glass of shower room with bath products and stain, then you need to clean with clear water, preferably with a soft cloth to wipe, soft cloth can choose and glabrous, so not on the glass fiber. Please use water to clean glass on a regular basis. How clean glass shower room is not a simple problem, in addition to conventional water, glass water regular cleaning is needed. General supermarkets have a glass of water for you to choose from. If there is dirt, please use neutral cleaning cloth and soft cloth to wipe. Shower room glass how clean problems certainly still has a certain skill, you remember, must be neutral cleaner, which is less damage to the glass. Use a small amount of alcohol can remove stubborn stains. Avoid by all means use acidic, alkaline solvent to clean. Questions about how clean the glass shower room, small make up also teaches you a small doohickey. This is a the & # 8221; Folk prescription & # 8221; , buy a kilo of spinach, a boil half a minute, spinach dip in with dishcloth the boiled water, scrub the glass door, because food contains a lot of oxalic acid, can dissolve glass door on the scale.
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