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The importance of the theory of toughened glass shower room posted explosion-proof membrane! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Everyone knows if homeowners composed of toughened glass, shower and toughened glass in the absence of direct external mechanical forces occur under the action of automaticity burst explosive called toughened glass. Explosive is one of the intrinsic properties of toughened glass. By the authoritative department experts that is fully qualified toughened glass explosive rate is three over one thousand, let's look at is how to use the shower room. Shower room, of course, is to take a bath, and as long as we use he must open the door in to shut out out again, that is the so-called with shower room is to move this big toughened glass, and the properties of toughened glass is you hit on the front may be ok, but gently touch Angle with sharp things or it could lead to the overall explosion, note that the blast did not belong to self destruct. Tempered glass explode is mostly to forcibly undeserved, rarely because natural environment ( Temperature and humidity unstable explosive) . Above all is due to whether it is happening now in our side or on the Internet and all kinds of news media is with toughened glass, glass explosion also three over one thousand of the explosive rate explosion cuts than elsewhere toughened glass shower room glass cuts the probability of the cause of much more. Stick in the shower room shower room special explosion-proof membrane toughened glass surface, such as glass occur explosive, shards of glass can be felt in the in situ until it is removed safely and to reduce the possibility of human body damage, protect the property security, and to reduce the loss caused by explosion, and also can clear identification of the accident responsibility.
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