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The laminated glass of shower room and explosion-proof membrane what is the difference between both? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
Shower room from exploding? Now the solution on the market basically has two, one is to use laminated glass is a kind of explosion-proof membrane, so that two kind of better? Below take you into the world of shower room, shower room for everybody introduced laminated glass shower room and shower room of explosion-proof membrane. The difference between a, in terms of safety, the security performance of the laminated glass is high than the explosion-proof membrane, the middle tier of the laminated glass film tenacity and strong adhesion, impact after damage is not easy to have been through, not shedding debris, and corneal tightly together, because it is sandwiched between two glass together, greatly enhanced the strength of the glass. To withstand greater pressure, and explosion-proof membrane after, to enhance the strength. Although will make debris will not fall off. But as for the safety laminated glass is greater than the explosion-proof membrane. Difference between two, laminated glass shower room and put the glass explosion-proof membrane, compared to laminated glass with seismic, anti-theft, bulletproof, explosion-proof performance, and put up the glass explosion-proof membrane and without these results. The difference between the three, although both can block the sun radiation, prevent ultraviolet ray, prevent the loss of heat has good heat preservation effect. But to prevent the ultraviolet ray, laminated glass. Laminated glass is more with good sound insulation effect. Difference between four, although it is said that both can strengthen aesthetic, posted explosion-proof membrane for cleaning glass cleaning difficult points, but posted explosion-proof membrane glass can increase the mystery of space more, after the film glass appears as a one-way, created the all-weather illicit close space for you. Difference is five, the price for laminated glass is more expensive. And cheaper sticker glass. In terms of function value, the paster glass.
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