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The main material of shower room is the best choice to use? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
As people in the pursuit of quality of life is more and more intense, even small they don't want to settle between wei yu, makes every effort to make the envy letting a person simple, comfortable, safety and health of the space that defend bath, not only the family guest feel feast for the eyes, at the same time also can bring high quality experience. Between the wei yu that build quality, absolutely without an elegant air shower room, so the choose and buy of shower room, shower room had better use what material? Aluminum: the choice of 304 stainless steel is recommended. 304 stainless steel corrosion resistence, etc is very good, suitable for long time at damp environment, such as with other stainless steel material only I'm afraid I will be the possibility of rust or accelerated aging, aluminum alloy is also a good choice, but must choose strong anticorrosive material. Acrylic sheet, basically see the glossiness of the acrylic sheet and processing thickness on the back. Under the lamplight point-blank, good acrylic sheet avoid light effect is good, pervious to light evenly, feel with the hand, good texture thick material, is not easy to deformation. Pulley and the pulley and the stand or fall of hinge directly affect the normal use of products, good pulley and hinge, slide and the switch smoothly, low noise, material qualitative, brand of large manufacturers generally have their own design patent pulley and hinge. Security: associated with glass material, can be divided into common glass and toughened glass, ordinary glass is cheap to use unsafe, use tempered glass, use at least 5 mm toughened glass, with strong impact resistance, not easily broken. Strong safety glass generally have toughened identification mark in the CCC. Waterproof: more popular dry wet depart, considering joint rigor. The fluid sealant should be used in, to prevent water penetration. Practicability: bathroom products exquisite collocation effect, rather than simply the pursuit of fashion, never the good design but there are the most classic style.
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