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The measurement of shower room should how to do? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
Now the popularity of shower room is well known, with the increase of living standards, people are more yearning to enjoy quality life, even a bath for a period of hours of light, so they will not let on. Then shower room before the choose and buy, we must first do a good job: a that is measured size. If there is any mistake or error on the word this link, then will affect the follow-up orders, production, installation, etc. So under the shower room to introduce to you about the measurement method of shower room with those. 一个。 The shower screen measure - — Adjustable frame of the screen is smaller than the actual measured size 5 mm, cannot adjust the borders of the screen is smaller than the actual measured size 2 mm, not big, in addition, some building walls may slightly tilted, so the measurement should be on, and three locations in width, take the minimal size; B。 The room body measurement - — I company for all room body measurements of unified regulation for platform peripheral size ( In the standard room body, for example, measured size is the bottom basin edge size) 。 C。 Abnormalities of measure - — Some terrain may reinforce the door to do, or tie rod to lengthen, at this time, should be measured the size of the abnormal parts, marked on the order; Also, pay attention to the unusual situation of inside toilet, determine the correct direction of the door, open, and the size of the door, inside and outside.
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