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The modern shower house price is how much, do you really know? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Now, most of the people more and more high to the requirement of quality of life. Accordingly, decorate in the bathroom, they like to install in the bathroom shower room, so that people can enjoy the pleasure of bathing. So, what is the price of shower room? Choose which shower room? Let's take a look! Shower house price is how much 1, consider the hardcover or paperback first depends on the price of shower room toilet decorate a style. Shower room is divided into two types: simple luxury shower room and shower room, modern shower house price is about tens of thousands of yuan, the price of luxury shower room is about 1 - 100000 yuan. 2, considering the overall pattern of second, we must look at the overall layout of shower room. Shower room according to the layout of the different design have different price. Designed for small toilet of shower room is relatively simple, so the price in 1 & # 8211; Within 30000 yuan. If you choose the appearance of more complex, the price will be more expensive. 3, consider the customer requirements are usually the customer when installing a shower room, will have their own requirements, so for the customer, shower house price also is only a reference, we need to combine the specific design to decorate area. From whole to detail, from simple to complex design is to be able to have a specific plan, the market price is in ten thousand yuan. 4, taking into account the different brand the brand, the price of shower room is different also, if choose brand building materials to decorate, prices will surely your several hundred to several thousand. Therefore recommend when choosing materials, must to understand brand material first, choose the right material. You choose good shower room 1, the so-called framed framed shower room shower room is in using aluminum frame, made of tempered glass and fittings such as pulley, form a frame structure. The advantage of this kind of shower room is give a person a kind of sense of security, don't need the replacement parts, durable service life. But the older style, easy to get dirty, need often clean. 2 shower room, shower room and shower room with or without frame is a form of the contrary, is a very popular style in recent years, with the glass hardware accessories instead of aluminum frame. But waterproof strip is easy to come into contact with water, causing them to aging, need to be replaced often. If installed hardware fittings quality is bad or wrong, simple explosive issue. 3, non-standard shower room is the last one is a standard of shower room, is one of the customize according to the actual situation of the bathroom shower room, in such aspects as material, style, size according to the requirements of the buyer. This custom of shower room, the use of high efficiency and can meet the needs of the consumers, beautiful shape, the premise is must have enough bathroom space, production requirements is relatively high.
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