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The optimal size of shower room can get the best experience? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
Shower room modelling concise fashion, bright beautiful beautiful appearance, convenient function but also attracted many consumers to buy. But there are many consumers will consider their own wei yu the space may be too small, do not know whether to install shower room. Then today small make up to around this topic to discuss, also with everyone know about the shower room size problems. To understand the minimum size of shower room, we first to get to know shower room size factors to consider. Shower room size factor, before we choose suitable shower room products well to the actual size of toilet, and then choose the best shower room products. If the space is larger, so we can start to think in terms of comfortable, comfortable shower, then there is a lot of choice space; If the space is small, so have to make full use of good area, choose to won't take a place within the push-pull or open design products, combining with the shelf, make full use of space. Should be considered when selecting a size, but also to the style of shower room and bathroom is tie-in, to the overall effect of the choice of different shape of the shape of the shower room and bathroom cabinet, toilet as far as possible to coordinate, to achieve a reasonable layout, create a comfortable environment. 1, shower room height ceiling height is generally to 2. 4 m, so the height of the shower room is usually 1. 8m— 2 m or so, mainly still have to carry on the reasonable adjustment according to the actual height of family, attention should be paid to the position of the shower to put at the same time, if too easy to splash water, there will be obstacles, if too much will affect the beautiful and permeability. 2 shower room, shower room width the width of the heaviest if can ensure that shower room can turn will not to 'hit a brick wall'. Usually the size of shower room is 900 x900mm is enough. Of course, if your family if you are tall or more body fat, you can make it the size of 1000 mmx1000mm; If the space between wei yu is limited, so make it 850 x850mm, but never less than 800 mm.
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