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The price of shower room - by which aspects

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
In The Times of rising prices, the price of shower room became the focus of many consumers. In fact there are many outsiders believe that shower room is the same, why the price difference so big? Then, here are the top ten brand shower room - — Shower room to give you look at the shower house price is based on what factors influence. Factors influencing the shower house price, the material of shower bath room is an independent space, like in it and cut off from the world. How much money a shower room is one of the influence factors of materials. Overall the main material of shower room is toughened glass and aluminum alloy. Usually, the fence of shower room is aluminum alloy material. If is like glass and fence can be made of glass. Relatively speaking, aluminum fence have more guarantee on quality. If want to avoid having the rusty problem of the aluminum alloy, so can some plastic on the surface of the spraying. If it is transparent toughened glass, you can choose to grind arenaceous toughened glass. Safeguard way can choose according to their own preferences. Factors influencing the shower house price of bath door the door of shower room shower room are decided how much is a important factor. Usually the sliding door type shower room is much cheaper than in open. There are two reasons: one is if pull the door of push-pull type bath is frequent, pulley can appear wear problem of aging. The second is the door of push-pull type bath is focused on practical, of type bath door more abound adornment sex, belong to popular design. Thus, while the open shower house price is higher, money but people buy is not in the minority. In addition, some quality closes nevertheless shower room on the market most of the thickness of the plate in 2. 8 mm to 4 mm, but whether what kind of plate, the thickness of 5 mm is the best. Today, the market has very few 4 mm glass shower room, folding door is basically 6 mm. Part of the production of larger manufacturers there will be 8 mm thick folding door, and move the door have to switch to 8 or 10 mm. The factors influencing the shower house price function of today's overall shower room in addition to the reliable quality, also to the high-tech era of intelligence. Overall shower room price is higher than general shower house money, main reason is that the overall shower room of shower room is smart. Look from the door, sliding door is the fashion style, on the handle of the door there is a switch, only need to gently, around can be separated. In addition, there is a kind of intelligent shower room is with remote control. In both houses of which one position, just click on the remote control, you can open the door. In addition, shower room installed the intelligent computer control. Second, the flower is aspersed switch and a variety of patterns. Also equipped with back massage instrument, music, lighting, etc. Factors influencing the shower house price is the security of people in the shower room of choose and buy when, will focus on the brand, but they will ignore the overall safety of shower room. While the current science and technology has been developed, the security of shower room is also greatly improved, but there are still quite a few illegal businessmen in order to profit more, thus completely ignore the safety of the consumers, so the choose and buy of shower room, safety is the most important thing.
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