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The pursuit of personality decoration at the same time, using the finished product to waterproof measures - shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
The requirements of modern people to decorate his own house is more and more high, in addition to beautiful, the concept of personalization is widespread, the adornment of the wei yu, but considering the space is narrow, function demand, also consider using experience, install finished shower room for everyone is a good choice, many families in finished goods shower room is in this aspect is not very understanding. How to do a good job finished goods shower room is finished goods shower room is waterproof waterproof material selection Suggestions of environmental protection polyurethane coating, paint pipe and the ground can be tightly closed up, put water seeping into the gap, and will not shrink after drying, so the polyurethane coating is better than the rigid material such as waterproof cement are applicable for pipe and the gap between the wei yu that more. In order to make the future of the waterproof longer, generally need to brush paint at three or more. In order to make the paint dry completely, it is not recommended in wet or humid climates. In general, one-component environment-friendly polyurethane paint dry period is about 3 & # 8211; 4 days. General waterproof bathroom metope to do 30 centimeters high waterproof treatment, in order to achieve better waterproof effect. With bath adjacent walls also should do waterproof processing, level to the higher than the upper edge of bath crock. Installed hardware accessories, the wall of the circuit, in particular, more attention should be paid in terms of waterproof. After completion of construction, should plug the gaps between the toilet drains and ground, and built in the toilet door 'ha-ha' water flooding experiment was carried out, the water injection height not less than 20 cm. After 24 hours, if no leakage around the bathroom walls and floors, prove between wei yu waterproof quality is relatively good. On the other hand, should be timely find out the missing point for maintenance.
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