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The same simple shower room has a reason for the difference between the price -

by:Appollo     2021-07-29
Now, thanks to the ease of shower room is more and more popular with the consumers, in the relatives and friends at home a set of shower room is normal. Although the overall function is more than simple shower room, shower room can also enjoy the steam massage. Overall shower house price is more expensive, however, was not especially abundant in hand consumers will choose simple shower room. But there are many shower room products on the market, it seems that are all the same, but why as simple shower room, there are differences in price? Is this actually, due to the shower room became one of the most popular bath appliance, so the sales shower room has become the focus of many businessmen. Well known, eighty percent of the building materials mainly toughened glass shower room, the remaining twenty percent is the rest of the hardware accessories and aluminum. So many unknown shower room manufacturers in order to benefit more, with incomplete construction toughened glass, even with ordinary glass instead of fully tempered glass. The uniform than full toughened glass steel, impact resistant ability is bad, so when in use, there was a shower room explosive injury accident. Because we are in the shower bath room, with shower room 'naked', once the shower room exploded, you can imagine how human flesh and blood to be hurt, so don't shower room showed when the choose and buy, in order to temporarily save money and it got into a physical safety, finally do more harm than good. Therefore shower room when the choose and buy must pay attention to the glass shower room on whether there is a sign of national 3 c certification, in case of bad manufacturers to cut corners to shower room products of choose and buy. Shower room selection, for example, through the national 3 c certification and reach Europe BS6206 standard car class completely tempered safety glass, toughened uniform, strong fighting force, high safety coefficient, at the time of use to provide consumers with a sense of security. The quality of aluminum is also an importance to influence prices. Many manufacturers in order to benefit more, can choose architectural aluminum. The hardness of the aluminum May 15 - Between 16, too hard, many impurities and high brittleness, relatively thin wall so the price will be lower. Squeezing will have depression feeling in peacetime, so in the process of using this kind of aluminum is easy to deformation, repair rate is very high, in the maintenance of price may be far beyond the shower house price adopts high quality aluminum. And shower room is in use aluminum is not casually, adopted imported pure aluminum industry, combined with magnesium and titanium, spoken as aluminum, magnesium alloy this aluminum flower resistance is strong, do not fade, hardness is only about 14 high purity aluminum, hard moderate ductile and not brittle, aluminum thickness 1. 5mm- 4 mm, very not easy to deformation, at the time of use is very solid. Is due to the selfishness of the bad practice, let the market difference of shower house price is great, let people have a kind of illusion, think the shower room is the same, the price gap just because of the brand, buy expensive price of shower room is equivalent to pay much money for the brand. Actually otherwise, choose well-known brands to choose is to choose the safety and peace of mind. Believe that bring you and your family a comfortable home life at the same time, also brought their safety and health this is a very happy thing.
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