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The security of shower room to be reckoned with two major problems - should pay attention to when buying

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
When we were in the shower room to take a bath, of course, is the whole body naked, if the glass broken condition for skin is easy to cause harm, so security is to buy shower room priority issues. Reporter for a well-known enterprise product development staff, interviewed the staff told reporters that shower room of choose and buy when in fact as long as consider two aspects can guarantee the safety of use. First of all, is the glass of shower room safety problems, some unscrupulous manufacturers of glass is in shock, heat, moisture and other performance simply cannot achieve the requirement of shower room, so it is important to note that when consumers buy what is the composition of the glass. General consumers, of course, it is hard to tell if only rely on their own common sense glass quality, because of the poor of the glass manufacturer also is not but using mixed glass, that is to say as toughened glass shower room is very suitable, because the glass impact resistant, shock resistant performance is very outstanding, even after break up the formation of the broken glass also won't produce sharp edges, the skin will not cause harm to human body. So some inferior manufacturers to put some magazines with toughened glass, or there is no standard production process, do not have a high level of production of tempered glass tempered or toughened position levels not neat, there are also some bad tempered glass in the using process of the result of the heat from the detonation phenomena, so the bad tempered glass for consumers' personal safety also can produce a lot of harm. So we should how to just can buy the reassuring shower room? In fact, as long as it is a regular brand sanitary ware products, which have certificates, such as product certificate so you can avoid to buy the fake and inferior products, so consumers do not in some less known and inferior brand store to buy the product that defend bath shower room is so important. Second, is the hardware fittings, shower room is mainly accessories corrosion resistance ability, some poor quality hardware accessories used a few months later would appear rusty phenomenon, is not feeling well, only high purity stainless steel or aluminum alloy materials have long-term corrosion resistance.
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