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The smallest of shower room and a standard size

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
When people is decorating the bathroom is one of the problems is: what is the minimum size of shower room. Now don't need everyone to get to the measurement of the hard, now ten big brand shower room - — To tell you shower room accurate size. A minimum and the basic size of shower room, shower room is the smallest width: basic size: 900 mm * 900 mm minimum size: 800 mm * 800 mm, generally speaking, 900 mm * 900 mm can ensure use shower room, the body can be moved freely, don't hit the glass. But for the body is fat people, the best make it 1000 mm * 1000 mm. If the shower room 900 mm * 900 mm for users, still more comfortable space, the bathroom space is limited, can make it 850 mm * 850 mm, but had better not less than 800 mm * 800 mm. Height: 2, shower shower room ceiling height is 2400 mm, so the shower room height is generally 1800 - mm The height of 2000 mm, can according to his family and bathroom to adjust the actual space. Attention should be paid to the shower room is too low will be easy to splash water, too much will affect beautiful but also affect the permeability. The distance from heating equipment: a lot of people in the winter, will be installed in the bathroom heater or bath bully. Note it is best not to close to the glass or in the shower room, shower room in case of be affected with damp be affected with damp. Smaller bathroom, can put the heating on the middle, don't need to be in the shower area. If the bathroom space is larger, can put it in the shower in the middle, don't sprinkle flowers and glass shower room, otherwise it will cause the aging of shower room and explosive.
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