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The standard size of shower room is usually much -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
Faster and faster pace of today's society, people hope after I come home from work in a comfortable, safe and independent environment on the wash a comfortable bath, in order to eliminate the physical and mental fatigue of the day. The type of shower room and there are a lot of style, so how to choose? The following by the shower room to let everybody to explain it. A standard, shower room size: 1, the shower room width: to ensure that the body is free to rotate when using, at least not always hit the glass. Is 900 mm * 900 mm, if the family body is fat, also can make it 1000 mm * 1000 mm, or the room that defend bath space is limited, make it 850 mm * 850 mm is ok, but the best is best not to less than 800 mm * 800 mm. 2, shower room height: ceiling height is 2400 mm, usually so shower room height is 1800 mm to 2000 mm, mostly standard height as 1. 95 m ( 1950 mm) And 1. 9 m ( 1900 mm) Height, can also according to family, to adjust the actual space, also need to pay attention to and the location of the shower, is too low, easy to splash water, aesthetically, high permeability. 3, and the distance of the heating: in order to convenient when bathing in the winter, everyone will give toilet with a warm wind or bath bully, if equipment is measured, it is best not to put in shower room or close to the glass shower room, in case of be affected with damp be affected with damp. If on the top, to see whether the size between wei yu, small space heating equipment in the middle line, it doesn't have to be in the shower area, if the space is larger, can put it in the middle of the shower area, try not to sprinkle flowers, shower room glass, otherwise not only cannot achieve good heating effect, also easy to cause the product aging or explosive. And other sanitary ware: the distance between wei yu is often put compact, often have a bath shower room near the toilet, bathroom cabinet, should have 100 mm spacing, otherwise easy to influence each other when using, increase the likelihood of explosive. Shower room is minimal size: 1, the planar minimal size: planar shower room: divided into aluminum frame and aluminum frame. With aluminum frame shower screen minimum can be 1000 mm or so commonly, door of space around 500 mm; Without aluminum frame shower screen is easier to do the calibration, such as a single, the minimum can be 500 mm, as long as a person in space, no shower screen can do aluminum frame. 2, square and round minimum size: the square and round minimum size: 850 mm * 850 mm for reasonable minimum size, limiting cases do not less than 800 mm * 800 mm, otherwise will affect the shower. Shower room is a standard size: 3, rectangle rectangle shower room is suitable for the toilet with larger area, enjoy free and comfortable bath life, and very easy to do, clean toilet corner. Most brand shower room can be made of non-standard, usually standard rectangle size 1200 * 800 * 1850 mm, 1000 * 800 * 1850 mm, 1200 * 800 * 1950 mm, 1000 * 800 * 1880 mm, while the standard square shower room size is 800 * 1000 mm, 900 * 1000 mm, 1000 * 1000 mm 3 kinds of specifications; The size of shower can freely stretch. If consumers want to do wider size, length, widen, or higher, generally can be customized, the standard height was 1. 95 m ( 1950 mm) And 1. 9 m ( 1900 mm) 。 Three, arc/diamond shaped shower room size: 1, the standard diamond-shaped shower room size: 900 * 900 mm, 900 * 1200 mm, 1000 * 1000 mm, 1200 * 1200 mm four specifications; 2, the standard of arc segment shower room size: 900 * 900 mm, 900 * 1000 mm, 900 * 1200 mm, 1000 * 1000 mm, 1000 * 1300 mm, 1000 * 1100 mm, 1200 * 1200 mm. The shower standard height was 1. 95 m ( 1950 mm) And 1. 9 m ( 1900 mm) 。
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