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The strip of shower room why turn yellow after a long time, even the famous brand is also hard to avoid -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
All kinds of shower room products on the market full of beautiful things in eyes, well-known brands, have different materials, product quality is uneven. Strip as an important component in the shower room isolation wet, a lot of consumers for its yellow is very confused, this is mainly because most consumers don't understand the reason for the plastic industry. First of all, the first to know passage of strip on the market of raw materials: PVC soft rubber. Scientific name PVC, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is a kind of good acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, burning resistance and insulation performance of the plastic, soft PVC for its softness and tensile properties, therefore widely used in the production of some thick glue material. But plastic because it is a kind of polymer, itself is not very stable, reach a certain condition is easy to 'bad', or degraded, or chemical reaction. In the case of PVC, PVC heat and light stability. Without heat stabilizer, PVC starts to break down when 100 ℃, 130 ℃ above break down faster. Thermal decomposition of hydrogen chloride gas, make it change color, from white to light yellow, red to brown, black. Tight perimeter and oxygen can make PVC in the sunshine to light oxidation decomposition, so that the flexible PVC drop, finally brittle. At the same time, the good mechanical and chemical performance drops rapidly. The solution is to add stabilizer in machining process, such as stearic acid or other fatty acids of cadmium, barium, zinc salt. As a result, the cause of strip yellow shower room may be light or heat. In the process of strip production transportation, must pay attention to the protection of the strip. Glass glue and glue reaction is also another important cause of strip turn yellow. The strip of shower room yellow affect appearance, does not affect the waterproof effect, really affect the waterproof effect of shower room should be a shower room strip of aging. Nowadays some businessmen in order to reduce the cost, PVC strip added more calcium carbonate, and calcium carbonate and silicone rubber, can appear the phenomenon of turn yellow, it is mainly from the quality of strip themselves. If choose the glass glue is quality assured products, please check the quality problem of the strip. If it is poor quality of the glass glue, the greater amplitude of natural yellow. High quality shower products can easily avoid this kind of problem, shower room USES the soft strip strip and original water organ type, its surface is smooth, free to play glass glue, using flexible smooth, longer life.
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