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The tap rust, dirt, toilet bathtub dirt. 。 。 As long as there is something, one minute can be easily solved!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-15
The toilet is in damp environment for a long time, the top the scale, faucets, bitter fleabane bitter fleabane over time become easy to rust. Rust composition mainly oxide, need to use to neutralize acidic substances, no strong acidic chemicals? It doesn't matter, just use these things could easily cleaning!

the faucet derusting

bath equipment with rust stains? Don't try so hard, the home have ketchup friend, as long as there is rust stains out of the ketchup daub in place, as long as eight seconds, use cloth wipe gently, rust stains wipe it clean! Rust stains on the faucet, as long as find a plastic bag, with less than half bag of white vinegar, then set on the faucet, use elastic fixed good, wait for a few minutes, you'll find rust stains by acetic acid dissolved away, as long as simple a wash with water, the tap if brightness is new. Lemon juice acidity, also can be completely dissolved scale, rust stains, didn't eat lemon slices, conveniently used to wipe the bathroom faucets and metal equipment, as long as 5 minutes, can make toilet renovation again!

the rust stains on the ceramic tile

pool tiles are easy to rust stains and water stains, use toothpaste and recycled toothbrush clean, toothpaste containing abrasive ingredients, can remove stubborn stains, rusty spot, the surfactant can quickly dissolve grease. The rust stains on the bathtub, can swab with orange peel, not only can easily remove scale, also can remove the dirt and dust, save time and effort!

the toilet of rust stains

the inside toilet dirty stain and rust stains, still use cleaner laborious wash? Teach you a recruit, directly to drink not over of coke poured into the toilet, wash ten minutes and then clean, you will find the toilet wall become shining.

in addition, the toilet water box is always the accumulated a lot of scale, in order to reduce the production scale, can white vinegar in the toilet water tank, can not only dissolve the dirt in the water tank, also can conveniently clean the toilet when water wall.
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