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The tap water, water, rust, water is more and more slow, manufacturers a coup teach you done!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-09
Almost every day, 365 days all the year round use faucet, then tap with longer words will appear more or less points, big and small problems, these problems are not all is quality problem, 10 sanitary ware brand Appollo sanitary ware factory is a few action, for everybody easy to solve these annoying little trouble!

1, the tap water

if it is a new phenomenon of the water tap drips appear after the closing is normal, not the valve core has a problem, because the tap is turned off within the cavity are caused by water, belongs to the normal phenomenon. But if long time water is dripping faucet have quality problems. If life in use, faucet is what reason?

poor water quality: a lot of people don't understand, what is the relationship between water quality is poor and leaky faucet? In fact, poor water quality will cause the valve core inner product is rubbish, easy to cause the valve core is closed tightly.

the tap valve core scratch: valve core is in use process, due to wear and scratches any hard material, for example, after the bursting of water supply pipe to the water, the water may contain rust or sand which can lead to valve core in the process of opening and closing surface scratches, does not leak sealing. So, you must be aware of when installing the faucet clean clean water tube of impurities.

connection: inlet hose and faucet main body because of the improper installation joint leakage.

2, faucet

faucet can not because the tap is broken, but the inside of the tap this button is loose, we only need to use a wrench to tighten it, can make the faucet drip.

operation is as follows: first, open the faucet at the top of the plastic cover plate, and then use tool to unscrew the following screw, the screw turned off the tap after handle, and use tools. Tighten the screw. Generally the water faucet is leaking all the questions because of screw loosening, so as long as the screw down the screws can prevent leakage.

3, tap rust

many consumers believe that the quality of the stainless steel rust is the steel out of the question. Actually, this is a one-sided error for a lack of understanding of stainless steel. Stainless steel under certain conditions will be rusty. In daily life which is easy to cause the stainless steel rust?

(1) when the kitchen is decorated, chip solder, cement, oil residue in the surface of faucet, sink, such as not timely cleaning may cause rust, mold;

2. Sometimes, the house that new clothes builds with mineral acid or alkaline dust float in the faucet, sink surface meets humidity can also cause 'floating' rust;

(3) in the process of using chemical agents, cleaning agents, paints, sauce, oil residue in the faucet, sink, time grows, can cause mildew glued to the surface of faucet, sink;

(4) poor water quality in many regions, and the pipe is too much for the galvanized pipe, high water content of fe and other elements, the sink after use, if residual more stain, over time, the iron will rust in the water.

what are the tips to solve rust stainless steel faucet

(1) is a good way to get rid of the rust a toothpaste. There is rust wetting with water first, then squeeze toothpaste with a soft cloth scrub gently, and then washed with water is quiet, can be repeated until the rust removal, the win!

2. The potato skins used cut down ( Meat side) , again and again to wipe the surface of the stainless steel faucet, you'll find dirt and scale will gradually be washed away.

3. Eat the rest of the ketchup, don't worry pour out, apply appropriate amount of tomato sauce with rusty spot, the faucet for 5 minutes, reoccupy wet dishcloth, rust immediately.

4, the tap water slowly

toilet lavatory faucet water slowly, the tap water is becoming more and more small, this kind of phenomenon is very common in the home, especially in the morning just get up, is preparing to open the faucet wash gargle. Often appear this kind of situation, the most owners would whisper 'broken faucet, wash a face is restless'. In fact this is a faucet quality problems. With the tap water slowly, the tap water is becoming more and more small, how to solve?

1. Look at the adjacent other tap water is also very small, if is small, is the problem of tap water. Insufficient water pressure, it is suggested that adding a electric pumps.

2. If the adjacent other tap water is normal, but through waterway jam or bubbler jams, dirty or impurities. This kind of situation, can tear open the valve core to turn waterway flush again; If just bubbler, bubbler tear open come down to clean it again.

the faucet is used long a small drop of water, water, rust, slow water flow, etc. , most are not faucet quality issues, the sanitary ware that Appollo store salesperson need patience to help consumers find the real problem, and solve the problem, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding!
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