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The tempered glass of shower room occurred since the explosion because of these reasons! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Toughened glass shower room of the explosive event, so what? Let's owner should how to prevent from exploding? Well why blow itself up? Tempered glass use period is how long? Small make up it summarizes some related knowledge for you, hope to help people. Interested in quick click came in to look at! Shower room glass explosive news recently didn't see less, the glass well why would blow itself up? How to prevent from exploding? Let small make up to you to tell me about it! Cautious response to the shower room glass explosive way: 1, must buy quality qualified glass toughened glass shower room minimum requirements to ensure that the product has the 3 c certification marks on the certificate, in addition we wear polarized sunglasses when watching glass, toughened glass should present a chromatic stripe spot, and with the naked eye to see which side will have a blue spot; Finally can pay attention to the radian of toughened glass, the roughness is better than common glass flat, but has the feeling of concave and convex, long edge, will have certain radian. 2, it is important to ensure correct installation glass shower room to prevent improper installation caused by explosive situation, toughened glass is best when the choose and buy products, require manufacturers to provide professional on-site installation, in order to avoid problems for damage caused by improper installation, as well as the case of damage, responsibility is difficult problem. When most of avoid is to cut glass, because the toughened glass can only be paid for processing was carried out on the glass to the shape of a need, and not in toughened size shape of the reentry after processing, it is very easy to make glass appear from exploding.
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