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The tempered glass shower room will blow itself up? - - - - - -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
Qualified adopts toughened glass shower room, this is based on the view point of safety. If you use a common glass shower room, glass, once damaged, a large area glass fragment mass fragment, cause great harm to human body, cut skin, muscles, blood vessels, etc. Choose qualified vital toughened glass, glass both artificial fracture and explosive, can completely avoid these hazards. Although full toughened will increase the rate of explosive, but after burst fragment size can completely control within the scope of the national standard, if choose half toughened, debris will cause serious harm to human body. At the same time, shower room glass need parts of solid, semi-tempered glass due to the significantly lower in the strong degree, not only can reduce the rate. Linkage shower room atlas under hardware fastening instead will increase the likelihood of explosive. In addition, as explosive rate of toughened glass is tempered glass in the steel factory production of explosive probability, rather than the user in the explosive rate in the process of use. Because explosive is its inherent characteristics, toughened glass can't rule out the possibility in theory, although selects high quality toughened glass, harm to human body is limited to the skin surface light damage, but still suggest use explosion-proof membrane, the harm of human body can be reduced to zero! According to the feature points in the overall shower room simple shower room and shower room; According to the design points corner shower room, one glyph on the bath screen, shower room and bath crock of circular arc form bath screen etc. According to the shape of the chassis square, circle, fan-shaped, diamond-shaped shower room, etc. ; According to door structure points to move open the door, folding door, shower room, etc. The overall function of shower room is more, the price is higher, generally can't order. Overall shower room with steam function is also called steam room, heart disease, high blood pressure patients and children cannot use steam room alone. Compared with the whole shower room, simple shower room without 'roof', design is rich, its basic structure is at the bottom of basin or candy, candy or natural stone artificial stone bottom bottom bottom basin texture such as ceramics, acrylic, artificial stone, at the end of camp or bottom basin is installed on plastic or toughened glass shower room, toughened glass door with ordinary tempered glass, high quality toughened glass, water ripple of toughened glass and toughened glass cloth material. Since domestic can easily buy a toughened glass, has been made to simple dry wet depart 'shower', so in the practical application of domestic shower room earlier than leisure sanitary ware. As early as in the Chinese market of leisure sanitary ware is on foreign product function. Leisure sanitary ware mainly refers to the massage bathtub, SPA, outdoor swimming pool, computer steam room, sauna room, light room and sweat evaporate room beyond the traditional bath functions such as sanitary equipment, more reflect is a kind of leisure SPA, hydraulic massage, family health way of life, but that a lot of function is basically not applicable, after a lot of people buy to return, the function is one of the most simple bath function. Leisure that defend bath is not practical to let more and more people, especially many bad manufacturer produces some of the products of the human life, this had to let the person concerned. Shower room became the most easy to receive and the most practical and most economical leisure sanitary ware alternatives. Therefore, some domestic enterprises have a keen business sense of smell, began to throw themselves into the work of shower room. Shower room as an emerging industry, the introduction of domestic development in the 1990 s, has been accepted by people, at the same time make the material of shower room is also a revolutionary changes have taken place. Shower room will enter more family in the future, and will get more and more the favour of real estate projects.
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