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The thicker the glass shower room is more secure? Finish see only to find that, actually in the wrong way! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
Toilet area throughout the home generally are relatively small, people often in order to dry wet depart, use the shower glass partition. But transparent glass often let a person produce insecurity, so whether the glass of shower room really pose a safety hazard? In the modern decoration, usually ceiling height in 2. 4 meters, so the production of shower room merchants will be the standard height of shower room is 1. 95 m and 1. 9 m. And the thickness of the common shower room glass is 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm, many people will think that the more thick, the better, in fact is not the case. The modelling of the ply of glass of shower room and shower room, if the arc type of shower room, glass is 6 mm, commonly too thick is not suitable for modelling, and the stability is not 6 mm; If it is a straight line, can choose 8 mm or 10 mm, but the glass thickness increases, the overall weight also increased, it's about the quality of the related hardware have higher requirements; If choose 8 to 10 mm thick glass, you need good quality pulley. The stand or fall of shower room glass if the glass connect fully, with and without noise, have without defects such as bubbles. The impure or process of making glass material has nodes and bubble defects can make the glass defects, such as lower mechanical strength of glass, etc. 2 see glass glass on whether to have 3 c authentication, if there is a brand name and security code. 3 c certification and authentication code is short for China wallpaper sex product certification, shower room products without this identity is not sales. Three see toughened glass pieces sample. According to the national standard safety tempered glass fragments in every 50 x 50 mm area should not be less than 40 grains. And more simple to clean the glass, the glass of water, watering can, microfiber cloth, glass blowing to wipe with watering can complement the glass of water at any time. , if you don't like to use the cleaner can clean the stain on the glass with a potato, potato skin of amyloid stains can be taken away, let the glass shower room still if brightness is new. Decorate the master said, still can use napkin dipped in vinegar, and then wipe the glass can also clean. If there is water damage on the glass, can use wiped a few times, don't jeans and water glass shower room with particular natural was gone, and there is no trace.
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