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The thicker the glass shower room, the better? Actually a lot of people wrong & # 8230; -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
Shower room can realize the dry wet depart, give us a separate bath, comfortable environment. When choosing shower room is depends on its quality, such as glass, aluminum, pulley many consumers believe that the glass of shower room is thicker, the better, but that is not the case. Shower room glass thickness, it is natural for its robustness is strong, but if too thick, it will have the opposite effect. The thicker the glass, its thermal conductivity is relatively worse, the greater the likelihood of explosive, because glass explosive is a major reason why each place caused by uneven cooling, so from this point of the flameproof glass should be as thin as possible. In addition, small brands of factory production of shower room, more than 8 mm thickness are difficult to achieve full toughened glass, so the glass in the event of rupture, there will be a sharp surface, there is scratch safe hidden trouble of the body. Glass, the more quantity, the more heavy weight, the greater the pressure of the hinge are, will be cut short profile and the service life of the pulley, especially cheap shower room mostly use poorer quality of pulley, so that the thicker the glass instead of the more dangerous! And toughened glass is good or bad depending on whether the toughened degree, formal company production, the degree of impact resistance, heat resistance, penetrability, and so on. The thicker the glass, the better is a myth. The shower room is mostly claims to be toughened glass on the market, the difference lies in the extent of the toughened, good full toughened glass that is, almost alone less than hundred of toughened, currently on the market for more than 8 mm basically cannot reach 100% of the toughened glass. When consumer choose and buy, should pay attention to the 3 c certification marks, regardless of the size of toughened glass, the above shall be plastered with 3 c authentication marks, from this detail can distinguish the toughened glass. In addition, should try to choose regular professional brand of shower room, carefully check whether the producer name and address and certificate and other related information, normal manufacturer of product quality and the construction process more secure.
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