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The thicker the transparent glass of shower room will be more safe? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
Now, mostly made of glass, shower room glass shower room appear a beautiful, add aesthetic between wei yu, more can prevent the bath water is wet. The security of shower room, and the thickness of the glass shower room has inextricably relationship, then installing a shower room should choose? Let small make up and discuss with you. If it does not have the impact of the external force, the glass of shower room is almost not not fracture, and so on and so forth. Most of the crack is due to the deformation of roller skating or orbital foreign bodies, and push-pull caused by ectopic fracture. Ordinary tempered glass explosion-proof membrane, will be directly under the sudden heavy blow, and explosion-proof membrane after breaking glass, and are attached to the fragments effectively, prevent splash, as far as possible to reduce casualties. If the glass is broken, and not because the thickness is not enough, but the glass quality closes nevertheless. The hardware fittings of shower room had better choose 304 stainless steel, its bearing capacity is enough and not easy to deformation. When buying a shower room, should pay attention to the thickness of the glass, explosion-proof membrane, best in order to ensure safety. How to choose the glass to see the following: 1, the permeability of glass, or without impurities, bubble, not pure, will results in the decrease of hardness and strength of the glass. 2, glass have 3 c certification, 3 c authentication is short for China compulsory product certification, must find the 3 c certification marks, on the 3 c authentication marks can be judged whether for toughened glass. 3. See toughened glass fragments model. The security of the national standard of toughened glass should be more than 40 or 50 * 50 mm. In the shower room is decorated in, the glass thickness should be selected according to the actual measurement size to consider installing a suitable glass shower room. Shower room glass has been a hot product between wei yu, is people take a shower after relaxation room home from work. Shower room glass types are many, often use is clear glass and ground glass, between wei yu is decorated can present a concise and bright effect, hope the above knowledge to be of help!
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