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The thickness of the glass of shower room is best choose how much? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Due to occupy the space is little shower room, bath is more convenient, feeling, health, has become a lot of family first choice. But, when choosing shower room, people often ignored the thickness of the glass problem. How much the thickness of the glass shower room for the most appropriate? Underneath, small make up shower room to explain for everybody. First: the most common on the market at present shower room glass thickness is 6 mm - 10 mm range, however, it is generally believed that the thicker the glass safety, the better, in fact, this sentence is not completely correct, because there are many kinds of factors affecting the safety of toughened glass. The second: we know that the shower room with a linear model with half arc, different modelling is different to the requirement of glass, shower room, such as half arc generally be suitable thickness is 6 mm, too thick half arc shape is not easy to do it, and the stability is not as good as 6 mm; If the shower room is linear, so it is best to choose 8 mm or 10 mm is ok. Third: the thicker the glass also to the requirement of hardware is higher, after all, the whole weight increased, hinges, pulleys, etc hardware pressure is bigger, at this time, just need to choose a better quality of hardware, to the thick toughened glass. May everyone has heard of, glass shower room explosion, it had no direct connection with the thickness of the glass is also, but given the security concerns, hope everybody when installing a shower room, for toughened glass with a layer of protective film, the damage this explosion is much smaller.
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