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The three benefits of shower room to say goodbye to bathtub toilet! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
With the development of the society, gradually began to shower room in many families, many families in the bathroom is no longer the bath area and convenient, wash your hands before together, already gradually adapted toilet installation shower room, not only do the dry wet, warm, so what's good about toilet installation shower room? First than bathtub can save water, shower room is to put the water out first, and then in the process of bubble bath also need to constantly add hot water, after the bath, also need to bath to clean again, not only waste water trouble, and can directly use water to flush after bath shower room shower room, not only saves time but also convenient to save water. Second, the acupuncture point massage in the use of shower room, the use of water pressure, as the auxiliary power of massage, so as to achieve the effect that reduce weight. Put on the shower, the location of the outlet from about 10 - body 15 cm, and part of the nozzle to body fat more flush, best method is to hot and cold water alternately, at the time of each shower adhere to such movement, sometimes try to be fat more parts to fatigue parts to wash well, as long as you enough to insist you can achieve the effect of thin body beautiful system. Third, shower room and bath crock is more health than in what is now on the market most of the bathtub is using artificial organic material to produce, such as acrylic, modelling diversity, lighter weight, surface glossiness good, heat preservation effect is good, it is important to the price is not expensive, this is the biggest selling point of it. The downside of bath crock surface is able to bear or endure dirty, not in the water when the water is large, in the long-term use will change color. And shower room USES toughened glass, imported 304 stainless steel and pure copper of hardware accessories, bath crock washing a lot, more easily than leave no health corner.
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