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The three steps to teach you how to avoid - 3 without the choose and buy products

by:Appollo     2021-07-28
Nowadays, many families will be in the bathroom when decorating, tinkling of jade in the range of shower room in the market to buy a and the quality of their own household shower room. So how to choose and buy quality and cheap shower room? The following origin to tell you. A, 3 without the product rejected not covet is cheap, must buy with detailed production producer name and address and product certification of products. Best in shower room ten big brands selected, such as world-renowned brand shower room - — Shower room, since its inception, to create each product to human nature as the design concept, comfort and convenience for the guidelines; Strict implementation of ISO9001:2008 quality management system and perfect production management mode. Second, identify material shower room advocate material for toughened glass, toughened glass quality differences and how to verify authenticity? Authentic toughened glass carefully look at patterns have loomed. Shower room frame made of aluminum alloy surface make pensu processing, not corruption, not rust. The main frame aluminum alloy thickness in 1 best. More than 1 mm, the door is out of shape not easily. At the same time pay attention to check whether the ball bearing is flexible, the door of the rev is convenient and lighter, frame combination of whether to use stainless steel screws. Three, bottom basin to choose bottom material generally divided into acrylic and artificial stone, so to choose which good? Used the man-made stone basin of the bottom of the shower, its characteristics are: the color is not a single, can be diversified; Because after high temperature to finalize the design, strong stability, when using, security; Smooth surface corrosion resistant easy to clean; Easy installation, has long service life.
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