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【 】 The toilet blocked the culprit finally found! This is why I insist on not to buy cheap toilet!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-12
The toilet jams, this is a question of a very depressed, the problems in their daily life, however, often occur, to People's Daily life caused great inconvenience. Why, then, the toilet is blocked?

in fact, the toilet jams and toilet quality has a lot to do. So try to buy good for health, a toilet, buy inferior products don't keen on gaining petty advantages, the stand or fall of toilet is directly related to your digestive whether smooth, but also to your skin, your body healthy!

the toilet blocked several reasons

glaze quality low hang dirty easily cause jams

implement belong to product of pottery and porcelain, ceramic glaze outside quality is very important. Of good glaze sit implement smooth, meticulous, without blemish, after repeated washing, still can be like glossily new. If glaze quality is not good, is easy to make the dirt on the toilet walls. Buy toilet quality is important, too cheap toilet don't buy!

select the sanitary ware that Appollo glaze, net porcelain technology, no bubble without the eye of a needle, smooth and exquisite, color white, long-term glaze of a good finish.

is not a full pipeline dirty jams glazing is easy leaking

in order to save costs, many toilet manufacturers implement internal efforts. Some return water there is glaze in the turn, others used difference of stretch small, sealed performance is mat. Such sitting implement written guarantee dirty jams easily already, easy to leak. Therefore, to with the hand when buy into sit implement medium corrupt mouth, whether smooth touch. Feel is smooth, do not have glaze rough is no glaze. Gasket should be foam rubber or plastic manufacturing and become, flexibility is bigger, sealed performance is good. Buy toilet brand is very important, choose normal manufacturer production toilet, shanzhai toilet don't buy!

Appollo sanitary ware with the method of toilet pipe irrigation glaze, 360 degree evenly pour glaze, do not hang dirty.

small pipe is not easy to wash away dirt clogging up

the toilet blocked more directly is his pipeline design, because design is twists and turns. To clean sewage discharge need more reasonable design of pipe diameter, diameter distribution evenly reasonable nozzle rinsing, even relatively strong flush. Improper internal design will result in clean water capacity is insufficient, significantly decrease the rate of rinse, must flush repeatedly, cause waste. Buy toilet reasonable design is important, too cheap toilet don't buy!

Appollo wei country in strict accordance with the requirements of indicators, the national standard water seal, flushing strength, uniform distribution, can effectively prevent water splashing, deodorization, smelly, prevent noise insulation.

mistakes clogged toilet

in general can be divided into the bottom of the export with no alignment position, toilet drains at the bottom of the screw hole sealing caused the toilet water, toilet water tank water level high enough influence by the uneven flush effect, etc. , so the toilet when installation should pay special attention to. Appollo sanitary ware brand sanitary ware seller has good and complete after-sales service. Buyers can enjoy free installation, three to five years warranty service. Online shopping to buy a toilet, however, many are no warranty, installation is not regular, and stores have regular service, correct installation, after-sales problems is on-call.
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