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The toilet clean four tips, keep health without pressure

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-17
Daily household life, health and bathroom are closely linked together, not by installing a shower room, separate out after wet area means that the health bath life, however the toilet sanitation or not, but the relationship between your family's health, so cleaning the toilet, it is very important thing for a family. So how do you time to keep the toilet sanitation? The following action for everybody! First recruit: flush toilet remember to put down the cover with the experimental results show that when you flush the toilet, tiny particles of vortex dynamics can make the waste water from cyclotron to 6 meters in the air. These bacteria will stay in the air for several hours, finally landed on a towel, toothbrush, cup, the appliance that wash gargle to cause pollution. So suggest that we change the usual habits when flush the toilet, should put down the lid, then the water valve. Many people like to position a gasket on the toilet, it is easier to adsorption retention discharge pollutants, more likely to spread disease. So, on the toilet seat should focus on cleaning, every day it is best to dilute household disinfectant wipes, cloth washer should be often cleaning and sanitation. The second recruit: don't placed next to the toilet paper basket people habits placed beside the toilet paper basket, will use the toilet paper thrown in. Usually these toilet paper and other materials will be stored in more than two days in the basket. Belong to the bathroom damp areas, that is stored in the basket garbage is easy to breed bacteria, spread to the surrounding. Toilet paper is immersed in the water will become soft and fragile and flush when it would be easy to into waterways, don't have to put all the more. Other substances can be put in is not easy to rinse prepared timely throw in trash bags. Three recruit: don't put the toilet as leftovers bin leftovers in the garbage oil viscosity in the toilet wall is not easy to remove, long product scale is easy to cause the toilet flush not free or plug into waterways, also effect the beauty of the toilet and the service life. At the same time, rinse leftovers it is easy to waste water of garbage, as add leftovers into the trash away. Fourth recruit: toilet brush hygiene toilet dirty as soon as possible when you need to scrub, scrub toilets with disinfectant regularly, scrub the toilet brush to scrub clean with clear water clean, as far as possible inside the toilet will clean the water on the toilet brush to jilt, pass venom spray. Toilet brush to use for a period of time to replace in a timely manner.
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