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The toilet even decided on a good quality problems? The tank water is very slow, why?

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-14
You may encounter in life water tank water slowly questions such as: toilet water tank has a voice, but it take long is filled with water. When used well, but if you have two people to use in a row, the second guy probably can't flush. What is the reason that lead to slow water tank? With bathroom manufacturer of joined Appollo bathroom and see it.

the water pressure

in the water pressure is too low, this kind of situation usually appear in the high-level resident home. If there is no secondary water supply, high-level resident home water pressure often become special. At that time, you will find all sorts of home of tap water is small, it is affecting the toilet water tank of water.

water inlet valve

if the toilet water tank water overflowing, you may wish to check whether the water intake of water valve switch is opened entirely. If not, give it up, perhaps can solve the problem.

feed line

inlet pipe directly determines the size of the toilet water. Toilet often feed line to the diameters of four points, so as to make the normal toilet water supply. If found feed line is too thin, it needs to change.

cistern fittings

toilet cistern with a water inlet and water floating ball. In keep the inlet valve open state, by hand press down the ball, see can not normal water and water. If not, that is, the water has broken down, must be replaced.

what time we can see from above, toilet water tank water slowly, most of the reasons for out of the tank. Want to really solve the problem, depending on the cause analysis is needed. Sanitary ware manufacturer of joined Appollo bathroom today about the problem that the toilet water tank water slowly to share here.
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